Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lisbon 2011.

24.04.2011 - Lisbon.


  1. This particular chocolate reminds me so much of one specific summer when I was 7 years old! My parents had decided to go camping with us (for the first time, my father is not really a camping person, so I only used to go camping with my grandmother and aunts and uncles). We had these chocolates, but it was so warm they melted, and when we tried putting them in the fridge (it was an auto-camper), they didn't regain their heart shape, but just turned into cold melted chocolate ... On the way home, the auto-camper lost one of its wheels, and that was the first and last time my parents went camping with us ;-)

  2. ahahahahhahahaha great :))))
    my first time camping was last year (my parents are very urban people) and I absolutely loved it, I'll repeat it soon :) I'm a nature-freak :)