Friday, 18 February 2011

Smidstrupstrand 2010.

Smidstrupstrand - 22.05.2010.


  1. this is so so beautiful... and in my favourite colour :) oh i need holidays.

  2. Where is this? I have no idea! But it is indeed very, very beatufiul.

  3. we should visit Thomas :) making myself invited :)))

  4. Mia - midt mellem Gilleleje og Rågeleje, hvis det siger dig noget? :o)


    Luisa & Mia - You are most welcome :o) Plenty of space for tents, come in the summertime. It's a fantastic place, and the beach is nice also ;o)

  5. That would be lovely!

    Thanks for the map Thomas ;-) I'm really bad with Danish geography, I used to travel a lot around Denmark with my old job (another job story! This one was at a storytelling competition for children), and I had to plan those trips, and my boss would laugh at me because he always had to point out the towns for me on this big map of Denmark that we had on the wall of the office. I loved that job though :-)