Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Linz 2009.

21.02.2009 - Linz.


  1. Tulips always remind me of my grandparents :-) They both loved tulips, and my grandmother would always have tulips in this exact pink colour! My grandfather preferred them white and purple.

  2. :) I love tulips. and I'm not a flower person at all... but tulips and lilies as well as sunflowers I really love. more if they are planted somewhere in a field and not in a water vase :)

    a story back for you, in exchange :) - my grandma really disliked flowers, she would always make this odd face when someone gave her flowers, would walk to the kitchen in slow steps and dump - yes, literally - the flowers in a vase with water. then, she would forget about it regardless who gave it and what the flowers looked like. She would always say 'I can't deal with flowers, they are too delicate I don't know how to take it and make a nice arrangement, don't give me more please'. It was actually quite funny to see.

    just as a note, this tulips in particular I really love :)

  3. That's a lovely story!! Thank you for that :-)
    Lilies and hyacints are my favourite flowers because I like the smell of them, but I'm also not very good with flowers. I'm better with plants, I think.