Sunday, 20 February 2011

Copenhagen 2008.

(an image for Mia and Thomas :)
08.05.2008 - Copenhagen.


  1. Tak :-)

    Swans are beautiful, I think they are actually our national bird, but I was always a bit afraid of them, because (and I think this is common to most Danish parents) my parents always told me they were dangerous and if I got too close they would break my arm! I lived by a lake when I was a kid, and the swans always did look a bit mean, and sometimes they would come running after people biting their bottoms if they didn't give them bread (I'm not kidding! They did!).
    But they look nice :-)

  2. ahahahhahah I had forgotten about that :) someone in Copenhagen told me that (that swans can bite you) but I cannot believe! they are so sweet and nice! they are not so common in Lisbon but in Linz, I lived very close to the river and there were a lot of swans. They were always nice to me :) maybe because I didn't offer them any bread :)) don't know, again, I'm very lucky ;)

  3. Mange tak :o)

    Thanks for the swan, Luisa. What Mia is telling is true... I was also told that I should not get to near the swans, as they would bite my arm off. Or break it. They are mean, it's an angry bird!. They suffer under the "Beauty and the Beast" syndrome. And they make this awful hizzing sound, if you get to near!. But it's a very nice image :o)

  4. i know it's true but i don't want to believe it... i've only met sweet friendly swans. they are not awful :(