Monday, 21 February 2011

Copenhagen 2011.

20.02.2011 - Copenhagen.


  1. oh my gosh! that's a lot of work for hair :) really nice image :)

  2. ...Another story from... Eh... From some years ago...

    I asked one of my colleagues, he was originally educated as a hairdresser, to dye my hair. Is dye the right expression, when you want to get blond hair?. Well... This is SOME years ago, and I wanted white hair. He did his magic, and it hurt like hell!. Could feel the chemicals eating of my skin!. After several hours, my hair turned out... Yellow! To make matters worse, it was just around easter... :-/

  3. ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah this is the best story ever!!! I'm laughing loud :)))) so you wanted white hair... great! I'll wait nature to its magic for that :))) i had orange and red hair, though... i always wanted to be red-hair (but natural red hair which is kinda difficult as I'm absolutely dark hair despite my stubborn orange freckles) but yellow sounds good :) in easter... best story ever :)))

  4. little detail: when I had orange and the red hair, I mean orange and red, like coloured pens, was scary. no more dying hair experiences for me :) and it was SOME LONG years ago too :)

  5. Great story :-)
    I once tried to dye my hair blue (many, many years ago - although I'm the youngest one here, there was a time a long time ago ;-)) - but because of my hair also being too dark, it just turned out all grey :-(
    So I'm also not going to dye my hair again, at least not until all my hair is really grey, and then perhaps I'll consider blue again ;-)

    This image is of my room-mate dyeing her hair yesterday (it turned out the way she wanted it ;-))

  6. blue is good... okay, we can make some experiments in May, in Lisbonville. but only if it's blue or green or orange or purple. ah can't wait to see my nephews' faces :)))